Socratic Seminar 101: Building Critical Thinkers K-12

ResponsiveEd’s Director of Classical Methodology Adrienne Freas and K-12 Director of History John Heitzenrater co-presented at the Texas Charter School Association Fall Conference. The title of their session was Socratic Seminar 101: Building Critical Thinkers K-12. They presented on incorporating Socratic teaching strategies for all subjects and all grades. Primarily, their goal was to encourage teachers who have never been trained in classical teaching methods. During the session, they allowed the audience to experience a Socratic discussion on the topic of educational philosophies.

A few primary topics within their presentation included: how to engage students, how to build thinking skills, what kinds of questions are worth asking and discussing, purpose and outcomes of Socratic discussions, and how to get started in a 21st-century classroom. They reminded attendees that discussion is an art that needs frequent practice, but the time and effort it requires will cultivate virtues that will stay with their students for a lifetime.

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