Celebrating Earth Day and Everyday

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During the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970, April 22 was celebrated as Earth Day. Since then, Earth Day events have been celebrated in more than 193 countries and coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network as a day for people to come together and show their support for environmental protection.

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22, reminding us that there are easy ways that we all can make an impact in protecting and appreciating our planet all year long.

For Educators:

Earth Day is a great opportunity to focus on environmental issues and make an impact through fun educational activities.

Here are some Earth Day activities:

  • Make your own instruments from natural objects
  • Older students and teachers can take the ecological footprint quiz
  • Explore nature
  • Schedule a walk or bike to school day and give prizes to participants
  • Organize a Recycling Drive
    • Many people forget to recycle these items
  • Have students participate in an Earth Day art contest
  • Organize a community-wide cleanup
  • More activities here

“Go green” at your school:

  • Use/purchase less resources – organize a school-wide swap meet to share or reuse supplies
  • Recycle more
  • Create a container or community garden
    • Check out the tower garden at Corinth Classical Academy here
  • Participate in “Ten on Tuesday” (even if you’re not in North Texas)
  • Print less
    • Send documents electronically or use double-sided printing when possible
  • Encourage students and parents to pack lunch without creating trash
    • Use reusable containers, bottles/thermoses, cloth napkins and silverware
    • According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, if every child did this every day, it would save the school an average of 67.5 pounds of trash per year, per child
  • Turn off lights when you leave the room

For Parents:

You may be surprised to know that going green isn’t as expensive or difficult as most think. In most cases, being eco-friendly and saving money go hand-in-hand.


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