5 iSVA Students Received Awards in the 10th Annual K12 Art Contest!

Five iSchool Virtual Academy of Texas (iSVA) students received awards for their entries in K12’s 10th annual Art Contest. With over 1,200 entries from across the country, iSVA’s grade 3-12 students received 5 awards.

Fourth grade student Cadyn G. was awarded second place for “The First Steps on the Moon.” Twelfth grade student Tiffany C. was awarded third place for “Game Over.” Lindsay M. was a 1930’s Decade Finalist for “Family Tradition.” Gwendolyn B. was a 1950’s Decade Finalist for “The ’50s’ Family.” Katia O. was a 1960’s Decade Finalist for “That ’60s’ News.”

To hear what the the students have to say about their art, click on the links.

iSVA is a ResponsiveEd virtual school available to students in grades 3-12.

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