New Student Required Documents

For New Students:

All enrolling students must provide the following documents within 30 days of starting school:

Student Documents

  • Student birth certificate or passport
  • Student social security card
  • Previous TAKS or STAAR records
  • Copy of previous school’s report card
  • Copy of Transcript (9th – 12th grade)
  • Current Student immunization record properly signed by a doctor or clinic staff

Parent/Guardian Documents/Forms/Release Signature

  • Two (2) proofs of residency (utility bill, lease, rent receipts, driver’s license, etc.)
    Parent or guardian’s driver’s license is preferred, but optional
  • At Risk Survey
  • School copy of Parent/Student Handbook Receipt acknowledgement form
  • Voluntary Photo/Video Release
  • Notice of Compulsory Attendance Law

We are required to unenroll all students who have not submitted all required documents within 30 days.

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